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Top Scrub

One of the less intensive methods to keep your floors looking brilliant is by top scrubbing and recoating them to remove embedded dirt, versus stripping the floors. This is an interim maintenance program and has many benefits. One is that it is LESS expensive than stripping the floors and reduces how often the floors have to be stripped and re-waxed. Scrubbing is often completed with a low-speed buffer or an auto-scrubber with a blue or red pad and a cleaning solution.


Every time we perform a job we’ll provide services that include the following:
  • Dust mop
  • Wet floor with cold water mixed with cleaning solution
  • Scrub with low-speed buffer and pad
  • Clean up the ‘slurry’ left behind from scrubbing
  • Rinse(mop) the floor with water mixed with neutral cleaner
  • Allow floor to dry
  • Apply 2 coats of wax
  • Burnish the floor
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