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Buffing the floors in your facility gives them a glossy or wet look Buffing renews many types of hard floors such as VCT, Marble, and Terrazzo to ensure the best quality and brightest shine!  Buffing often times be completed with a low-speed buffer of about 175 rpm or a high-speed burnisher between 1500-2000 rpm.

Burnishing is the best method to maintain floor finish shine it makes the floor shine and makes the floor easy to clean. By smoothing out scratches and removing settled dirt. if dirt gets into the scratches it becomes a task to regularly clean. As foot traffic will cause the dirt to continue to scratch the floor.

They’re many types of pads used for burnishing, but most are made with hog or horse hair. They tend to add more abrasion to the process and aggressively smooths the floor.  Tan or white pads can also be used, but tend to use friction and heat to melt the finish and smooth it at the same time.


Every time we perform a job we’ll provide services that include the following
  • Dust mop
  • Wet mop
  • Burnish or Buff
  • Dust to mop to remove any dust blow around by the burnisher
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